The Best Book About Modern Revival Movements, on Sale by Author. “Days of Fire and Glory” is one of those books I loved so much, that I have gifted it to family members. It details a unique chapter in the history of Christianity, and that is the rise (and subsequent fall) of Charismatic Communities (both Catholic and ecumenical). For those unfamiliar, charismatic covenant communities are safe-havens for practicing faith among Catholics or mainline denominations, where entire families would live in close proximity to each other, commit to involvement with each other via prayer meetings, men’s/women’s groups, and myriad volunteer opportunities. They also came up with their own songs, some of which have made it to prominent hymnals and missallettes. They were “The Benedict Option” before that term came into vogue. One of the earliest examples of such a community was the Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal) in Houston, TX. It was a failing church until the Rev. Graham Pulkingham took it over in the early 1960s, and with his openness to the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” (as discussed in the book “The Cross and The Switchblade” by David Wilkerson), things began to change for the better. A movement was afoot, songs were written, and Episcopal liturgy became more free-form. In this particular case, however, Pulkingham had a secret side that was ultimately scandalous, and it (among many other factors) led to the downfall of the movement there. Just a few years ago, Church of the Redeemer was closed for good, and was bulldozed. It is a riveting read. I would be open to the criticism that, by focusing on some of the darker aspects, that it sensationalized some of the scandals of that particular area, that for some others, it didn’t affect their experience at all. I can accept that. Nonetheless, as someone who is passionate about renewal, worship music, and lay participation, this book is an absolute must-read. I mention this because the author has reached out and is having a fire sale. At this price, you can’t beat it. Nick Alexander
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    Nick Alexander is ready and willing to serve you and your needs, to help foster renewal to families and youth/young adults.

    Nick Alexander is a dynamic Catholic-Charismatic-Christian comedian/worship-leader/speaker. He has three comedy albums out, but is also available to share the Great News of the Living Reality of Christ in our Daily Lives, in a way that is engaging, funny, heartfelt and effective.

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    Nick Alexander has evolved his ministry over the course of twenty years, as he had grown spiritually and in skills.

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